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Pen Friends

Shahriar Haque

Feelings are best left in the hazy existence of the mind. That’s the motto I have always lived by. That’s why I rarely write about personal topics. But today is going to be different. Reminiscing is nice, but I feel I need to write in order to do justice to the memories of some wonderful people I have met.

I don’t know how many of you can relate to this. Back in the day, before Facebook and Hi5 existed, people could meet new friends on e-pal sites. I don’t even think such a concept exists anymore. We rarely interact online with people outside our circles. Even among those who do, most of them are only interested in people with provocative profile pictures. There was a time when people didn’t care how their friends looked. It was a time before short-conversations over twitter and chat. People used to take time out of their lives to actually write you an email, or even post a letter.

Although with time we have grown apart, I feel extremely lucky to have had a couple of amazing pen-friends. So here’s to you YanDream and Jhum, hope this post brings back good memories and smiles on your faces.

Yandream, I always knew that wasn’t your real name. But I remember you explaining to me that “dream” is what your name means in Chinese. 29 emails from way back in 2005 is all that I have to remind me of you. You were the first person to actually write me a letter. That was awesome of you. In this era, nothing spells friendship more than a hand-written letter. From what I gathered from Facebook and Google, you have made true all the things you used to talk about. Really makes me proud seeing all your fantastic photography and design. Keep up the great work Meng !

Jhum, Jhum, Jhum, I have many things to say about you. You are my oldest and longest running e-pal. Reading through my emails I realized how much of my life I have shared with you. I claim to lead a robotic existence and not share anything with any one. But with you I shared everything from my love life to career-aspirations. In a way, you were my first personal blog. You were the first (and only) e-pal I have talked over phone. You are always one click away on Facebook. I pray I can get off my lazy butt once in a while and write a good long mail to me.

That’s it. I feel much better already. I don’t know if I will hear from any of you. But just know that you are part of what made my childhood awesome.

Best Wishes