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Paradox of a CS major

Shahriar Haque

  • We know how to write a History essay or an English research paper, but don’t have any clue when it comes to writing a functional specification document or a technical design document.
  • We can accurately measure the run time complexity of an algorithm but cannot reliably say how long we will need to write a piece of code.
  • We can make sense of an assembly dump, but cannot parse a piece of code written by someone else and proceed to rewrite it.
  • We learn how how to code the hard way with Vim and Emacs, but never bother to learn to use all the features of Eclipse.
  • We can do miracles while coding alone, but have no clue how to commit, checkout, branch, tag, and merge using a revision control software for a team project.
  • We excel at writing thousands of lines of code, but have difficulty compiling, linking, and creating executables.
  • We enjoy the challenge of a good debugging session, but hate to write unit tests and regression tests.