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No Regrets


No Regrets

Shahriar Haque

A good decision is often associated with making the most of an opportunity. Be it choosing your major, proposing to the girl you love, or pursuing the right career. But sometimes good decisions involve knowing when to let go. Life has its ups and downs. Decisions that made perfect sense years ago, may not be good for you any more. Life is too short to cling on to old decisions for nostalgia’s sake. If you can honestly convince yourself that you have failed at everything you could do to make your life better, it is time to choose a different path. Just make sure when you embark on your new journey, you bring along all of the good experiences and none of the regrets. Don’t let hindsight fool you into thinking that you are a failure. If you took the path that was the best for you under the circumstances, walked it for several years, and outlived its usefulness, you have nothing to regret. Holding a grudge is the worst possible way to repay God for his infinite blessings.

As I write this, I am concluding a 7 year long chapter of my life. I am humbled for being rewarded with so much happiness at such a young age. It would be terribly ungrateful of me, towards God, and towards the people I love to consider these 7 beautiful years to be the outcome of a bad decision. I would like to thank everybody who supported me from the beginning. I couldn’t ask for better friends, and more importantly, I couldn’t ask for better parents who remained patient with me even when I doubted them.

I ask God to provide me with courage to deal with this new phase of life, and I ask all of you to keep me in your prayers.