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CS Reality Check: Attitude

Shahriar Haque

I see CS kids bragging about their major everyday. Quite often bragging turns into insulting other people’s intellect. I used to be okay with this when I was a student. But after joining the workforce I see it as a mental disease spread by the CMUQ CS culture.

If you want a CS job worthy of your CMU education, a job that does not require you to be a code monkey, you will need to learn how to be respectful towards other people. Cracking a joke that makes a BA student look dumb doesn’t make you smarter, it only shows how arrogant you are. In real life, you’ll have to work with these people at some level, and if you can’t make them appreciate your work, you will find yourself replaced with more capable people.

As for IS students, don’t treat them as a lesser version of yourselves. Remember, the CS degree is focused more on the theoretical aspect of computing. In the workplace, IS students will have a competitive edge with their practical knowledge and communication skills.

Even if you get a technical job, you will be surrounded by people who are much older and experienced than you. If you are lucky, people will ask what major you were in, but never which college you went to. You have nothing to be proud of. So, from the next time on, watch that attitude !