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A tribute to awesome women

Shahriar Haque

I know I’m a bit late but I wanted to remember International Women’s Day by paying tribute to the most awesome women I’ve had the privilege of knowing…

Marjorie… Looking back at my college days, you were one of the few people who have truly influenced my way of looking at the world. Just being around you is intellectually stimulating. I don’t know any other person with whom I can have a conversation on any topic, be it literature, philosophy, religion, or science. You and Justin together make the world’s most awesome couple. The world needs more of you before it can become a better place.

Tessa… Having known you as a very close friend, I am overwhelmed every time I think about how much you’ve struggled in your personal life to pursue your dreams. You are the most fiercely independent woman I have ever known and your track record as a computer scientist is impeccable. I sincerely hope that life rewards you with all the happiness that you thoroughly deserve.

Urmila… I’ve always regarded you as my superhero because you are the one I personally aspire to become. Most of the people I know who have achieved success have done so at the expense of their health. But you are living proof, that one can master health and career at the same time. You truly are a role model for men and women alike.

Samreen… To me you are an embodiment of the idea of “Women in Computer Science”. The way you have shattered the notion of male dominance in this field through your hard work is simply awe inspiring. You are a role model for the entire “Desi” community. I hope more young women follow in your footsteps to success.

Ren… You are the most creative person I’ve ever had the good fortune of knowing. You are teeming with potential and I hope your first job is just the beginning of a wonderful and exciting career. You are the person every IS major should aspire to become.

Humaira… You are the smartest and most successful individual in our Bangladeshi community here in Qatar. Having been taught in the same high school as you, I cannot help but be amazed at the tremendous odds you have surpassed to become who you are today. Your success will continue to inspire our community for many years to come.