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On weddings and childhood memories

Shahriar Haque

You know that age when everybody around you starts to get married. Well, I am going through that right now. This has brought upon a flood of old memories from the deep recesses of my mind. And the aftermath has been nothing but heartache and sense of undeserved desolation.

Dear friends who are getting married, I know you all have moved on with your lives. You have formed new social circles in your colleges and workplaces. Maybe you’ve even held on to a core group of friends from high school. But how hard can it be to send a message to your old pals on your wedding? It’s not like we are out of touch. When you post pictures of your wedding on Facebook, I can see them! Don’t get me wrong, I am genuinely happy for you. But my heart breaks in to a thousand pieces wondering what I did wrong to not even deserve a message. Note that I am not even asking for a wedding invitation because you might have fixed seating arrangements and I understand that. Just drop a line on Facebook, or send an SMS saying that you are getting married and we’ll catch up later when things are less hectic.

Growing up in Qatar, most of us never had the chance to attend our own family weddings. For many of us, school friends are even closer than our own flesh and blood. I’m not talking just about classmates. I have very fond memories of my junior mates too. I’ve known some of you for a decade now and over the years the age boundaries have become blurred. We’ve laughed together, bunked classes together, went through the ups and downs of life together. At least, that’s how I would like to imagine those awesome moments of my childhood. But clearly your mind doesn’t go back that far.

Call me a sentimental fool, but if I don’t even get a moment’s thought on one your biggest life events, I feel an emptiness devour my soul. It feels as if all my memories were fabricated and I’m just living my life like clockwork.

Have pity on this fool. Drop me a line, the least I could do is to wish you well.