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The Perfect Coffee Shop

Shahriar Haque

Most of us dream of buying a house one day. We have been taught that this is the pinnacle of our individuality; a way to etch our names on to the soil; a way to leave behind a legacy for future generations. I never quite understood this sentiment. I don't even know what it feels like to have an attachment to a place of living. This got me thinking, what real world accomplishment would best capture my personality? What will I want to be remembered by? What will be my gift to the rest of the world? After hours of late night soul-searching I found the answer: The Perfect Coffee Shop.

The Perfect Coffee Shop, like every good coffee shop, tries to sell an experience rather than a product. In this case, that experience is called "perfection". Not perfection as in the perfect blend of coffee or the perfect atmosphere. Rather I want my coffee shop to sell "Perfect Moments". Think about it for a while, when going through your every day life, don't you wish you could freeze certain moments in time? Like the moment when you see a beautiful stranger walk in through the door. Or the moment when you realize they are playing your favorite song on the radio.

The Perfect Coffee Shop exists only in my mind. It's the most beautiful place I know. It's where I keep all of my fondest memories. When I'm having a bad day I go there, sit by window side table. The perfect song is playing on the speaker and the lyrics are resonating with my soul. I pick a perfect moment from the menu and instantly like the smell of freshly brewed coffee, I breathe in all the pleasure emanating from that memory. As I press my face against the glass, I catch a glimpse of my real life self making his way through the busy streets. Rather than being curious, I choose to ignore this paradox. I close my eyes and feel the warmth of the sunset of my cheeks. This too is a perfect moment.