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The moment before the shutter opens

Shahriar Haque

Portrait photography was my first passion right after jumping on the DSLR bandwagon. There's something beautiful in the way a lens blurs out all the unnecessary details and captures the raw emotion of a person. For a long time I used to think that the background blur, or "bokeh", was what made portrait photography so alluring. But after spending countless hours taking photos of different subjects, I couldn't pin point what made the experience of taking portraits so satisfying. But finally I figured it out.

The beauty was never in the photograph to begin with. Neither was it in the lens.  It was in the viewfinder just a fraction of a second before I pressed the shutter button. For a fleeting moment, all other distractions of the world gets blacked out leaving just you and your subject. It's an intimate moment where you have the person's complete and undivided attention. That smile, that anticipation in the eyes, is for no one except you. It's a sensation so intense that it feels like the first moment you fell in love with someone.